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Rx Academy’s experience in providing NAPLEX®, MPJE®, and PCOA® review courses spans the past four decades. 

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William J. Feinberg, RPh, MBA


Director, Course Development & Administration

(Email) bfeinberg@rxacademy.org

(Cell) 847-226-5974

William Riffee, PhD


NAPLEX®, MPJE®, and PCOA® Sales

(Cell) 352-239-7938



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NAPLEX® Topics:

Clinical Laboratory Tests - Blood Chemistry/Normal Values - Acute Heart Failure - Angina - Antiarrhythmic Drugs - Chronic Heart Failure - Congestive Heart Failure - Diuretics & Edema - Hypertension - MI - Anticoagulants - Antiplatelet Drugs - Hyperlipidemia/Drugs - Antianxiety Drugs - Antidepressants - Antipsychotic Drugs - Lithium - Autonomic Nervous System - Anticonvulsants - Asthma/COPD - Antibiotics/Antivirals/Other Anti-infectives - AIDS - Diabetes - Pain - Analgesia - Narcotic Analgesics - NSAIDs - Gout - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Oncology & Chemotherapy - Oral Contraceptives - Parkinson’s - Peptic Ulcer Disease - Stroke - Case Studies - Calculations - Pharmacokinetics - Dose Response Curves - Vaccinations

PCOA® Topics:

Physiology - Pharmacology - Therapeutics -Biochemistry - Practice Concept - Pathophysiology - Biopharmacy - Pharmacogenomics - Health Issues - Microbiology - Vaccinations & Inoculations - Chemistry of Drugs – Toxicology - Natural Products - Natural Supplements - Prescription Compounding - The U.S. Healthcare System - Pharmacy Laws & Statutes - Governmental Affairs - Pharmacy Ethics

PCOA® Details:

Patient Assessment - Nonprescription Medication and Self Limiting Diseases - Chronic Care Patient Cases (Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipids, Anticoagulation, Thyroid) - Respiratory Diseases - Diabetic Cellulitis - Induced Sepsis -  Pain, Sedation, Delirium in the ICU -   Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice - Major Depressive Disorder - Federal Pharmacy Law - Pharmacokinetics  - Cancer Prevention -  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease - Major Routes of Metabolism of Drugs - Communication Abilities - Biomacromolecules - Chronic Care Patient Case for Alcohol Use Disorder - Health Care Delivery Systems and Public Health - Pharmaceutics/Biopharmaceutics - Professional Communication - Community Acquired Pneumonia - Clinical Pharmacokinetics - Oncology Patient Case (Breast Cancer and Supportive Care Considerations) - Professional Communication - Focus on Health Literacy and Cultural Competency – Pharmacology and Toxicology - PD and PK of Drugs -  Physiochemical Properties of Drugs - Chemical Bonding and Pharmaco Force - Basic Economic Principles Affecting Health Care - Unique Aspects of Health Economics -   Integrating Pharmacoeconomic Principles and Pharmacy Management - Study Designs in Medical Research and Basic Concepts in Biostatistics - Informatics - Dispensing Errors




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